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How to get best gas mileage

how to improve fuel economy Efficiency Experts, LLC is a corporation based in Lebanon, NH that is the exclusive distributor of the KRAFTSTOFF Fuel Savings Patch in the U.S.A. and Greece. The patches were developed with German technology and are UL certified. They are now being used all over Asia and Europe and have proven to work well. The patches are how to improve fuel economy. The automobile engines will run cleaner and emit less carbons. Visit their website to find out more and order today!

How to get best gas mileage

improve gas mileage Improve gas mileage on your BMW by up to 15% or more with the German made KRAFTSTOFF Fuel Savings Patch! The patch was testing using the German made BMWs and Mercedes Benz automobiles. The test results were very good, and it showed a big improvement on fuel efficiency. These cars use a lot of gas because they are very luxurious. The BMW mini Cooper uses the least amount of gas. All the cars saved money on fuel costs and were running very efficiently.

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